March 12, 2021

Donate for the HONEYLAND community

You’ve obviously met Hatidze, the Sam family and their 7 kids. Actually, they are 8 kids now. The last one was born on the day of the film’s premiere at Sundance back in January. The Sundance Kid… who would have thought. They would be happy to meet you too, but they are in Honeyland, a place far away, where anything goes and nothing is for sure. You can now help Hatidze, these 8 kids and their parents to have a better life by donating. After all, it would be a transaction, since these are tough kids and even tougher people. They wouldn’t want your pity, so instead they would like to make you an offer where you buy some of our finest honey and they’ll earn it one way or the other.

You can get a jarful of 30g of Honeyland’s finest honey and we’ll make sure that both you, Hatidze, and the Sam’s get what’s yours. The earnings from your goodwill will go into improving the lives of the protagonists as well as the local community.

The Honeyland Team

Note: The precious little jar of honey will be delivered by DHL Express to the U.S, Canada, the EU, and Macedonia. The minimum amount for donating by purchasing the honey is dependent on where it is to be shipped.

DHL for Honeyland,

30 US; 40 CAD; 25 EUR; 500 MKD. (but you can donate as much as you can)

You can donate less, but we will not be able to deliver the honey to you. Nevertheless, your donation will make a difference.

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