April 1, 2019

Donate for the HONEYLAND community

It’s been exactly two years, and it’s now time to say thank you and goodbye.

When we met Hatidze and consequently everyone else you see in the film, we made sure to let them know that we will be nothing more than silent observers of their lives.

We stuck to our promise and we followed them as unobtrusively as possible for 3 years. Once the premiere passed, we immediately set up this donation page through a non-profit, as a way to improve the lives of the Honeyland community. The Documentary Film Code advises that filmmakers should not follow, co-operate, assist or in any way intervene in the lives of the protagonists. However, despite this practice, we decided to help them because we fully empathized with them, from the very beginning all the way through the film’s global success. 

The funds raised through the donations have provided Hatidze with a house in a nearby village including all necessary household items. We’ve also provided everyone else you see in the film with various items and/or social help, and, during the pandemic, we used the funds from the donations to provide everyone with whatever was needed to make life more comfortable. The funds have always been spent equally for everyone; there was never any discrimination nor favoritism   

But, none of it would have been possible without the goodwill of all of you who began this. The Honeyland community has been lucky enough to be given such a caring and generous audience…

…and we thank you immensely, the Honeyland Community thanks you…

 Now, two years later, when the donations have significantly dwindled, and faced with financial difficulties in maintaining the basic costs of running the non-profit, we decided to close the donations site. But, we are thrilled to see that our hard work has inspired and encouraged the relevant institutions and other caring individuals to continue to make life easier for the Honeyland community, with the same pace, vigorousness and love as we did.

Macedonia and the world are full of poignant stories just waiting to be discovered and brought up before a global audience. After all, we are nothing but documentary filmmakers and we need to stay consistent in our work, leaving social engagement to those who know how to do it best.

We are absolutely sure that you share the idea of bringing humanity closer through art with us.

The Honeyland Team

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